Introducing BitSpace Virtual Programs

What Hasn’t Changed:  Our Commitment to Unlocking Creativity in Students 

At our core, BitSpace teaches kids how to use design thinking to come up with innovative solutions to problems.  Right now, our team of expert Guides is exploring solutions so we can continue to bring innovative design and making programs to families, teachers, and schools.  

Hands-On, Collaborative & Adhering to Social Distancing  

In the coming days, we will be launching a variety of distance learning opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to learn about 2D design software, programmable electronics, 3D modeling programs, video game design, virtual reality technology and more through a series of design prompts, activities, and online courses.

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BitSpace Inter-Act Live:

Week-Long, Immersive Experience

As is the case for everyone else, our Spring Break plans, which were to run in-person sessions with students at BitSpace Chicago, have been upended. Regardless of the situation, we are determined to provide the best alternative we can. 

This Spring Break, we're trying something new and we're inviting YOU along for the experience! Beginning April 6th, your child can enjoy an immersive, week-long, small group, digital camp experience from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

The Inter-Act camp aims to be a collaborative, online experience fit for your creative child wherever they might be. Our guides will be there every step of the way (digitally of course!) to help your child flex their creative muscles. 


Regular Price: $200

Introductory Price:  $150

Number of Students Per Session:  12

Number of Expert Guide Facilitators:  2

Daily Maker Workshops:

2-hr long, Daily Workshops

Explore vector graphics, 3d modeling and video game design software and more in a series of interactive, highly engaging workshops to get you started on your maker journey.   


Regular Price: $40

Introductory Pricing: $24

Number of Students:  15 

Number of Expert Guide Facilitators: 


Livestream Demos:

Daily maker exercises from concept to completion

Join us on YouTube live as we explore and showcase our making skills!  We’ll be exploring a variety of design software, video game design programs, and virtual reality technology.  

Regular price $10 /month 

Introductory Price:  $6 /month

We Want to Serve You: 

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